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We are a group of creatives and musicians creating clean content for those that appreciate it.

In today's world, content is available by the truckload. The challenge is choosing the content that suits your needs. Due to our faith, a lot of the content in mainstream media does not agree with the moral standards that we try to live by. We decided that its time to create the kind of clean entertainment and music that we enjoy for people that like to keep it clean. We do this by utilizing the service Patreon. Patreon allows us to create content in a safe place. The environment is private so when our members purchase a monthly subscription they get to access our content in a place where the creators and subscribers hold themselves to the same high moral standard. Welcome to Nfluent Entertainment.


We create clean music in all genres. We also put our own spin on classic songs. Our series "Campfire" is for artists on the platform to collaborate with each other in new and unique ways. This brings fun and interesting new music to our audience that is still held to the standard of clean entertainment. "Snapz" is a video series by the artist SOA that pairs spoken word with Neo-Soul beats to create a powerful musical and visual experience. "Learning with Lopez" features the talented Daniel Lopez as he teaches you to play the guitar. Each of these series are available exclusively with an Nfluent Entertainment Patreon Membership. Artists may also create and release original songs and albums in many genres.

What We Do


Our platform has several podcasts with room to grow more. "The Corner" is a podcast where men get together to have honest conversations about life. "Yaaass!" is our all female podcast that gives a voice to ladies to discuss what matters to them. "Scarlet Letter"is a podcast featuring poetry and music, brought to you by Hype Queen. All podcasts air, with audio only, on So Unique Radio via the Mixlr app and desktop site. The visuals for the podcasts air, exclusively on Patreon, LIVE for our BFF member tier. Our Good Friends member tier will receive access to a recording of the podcasts once filming is completed. Each podcast airs on a different Sunday of the month at 6:00pm Eastern. Nfluent also introduces "Nfluentzers in the Morning", a morning show airing Monday-Friday at 8:00-9:00am Eastern. The visuals for this morning show are also available on the Nfluent Entertainment Patreon live every morning for the BFF member tier. A new podcast, "Nfluentzers After Dark", currently airs sporadically LIVE for our BFF member tier. This podcast will feature the cast of the "Nfluentzers in the Morning" and they will further discuss topics from the show and just get "real".


Our comedian, DJ Slim has brought the series "Rantz with DJ Slim" to our platform. There are also 2 spin-off series available to watch, "Rantz with DJ Slim: The Convention Files" and "Rantz with DJ Slim: The Meeting Files". Each of these series are meant to be relatable and make you laugh with a clean conscience. "Trina's Escapades of Bonnetry" features the daily musings of the "Nfluentzers in the Morning" cast member JustTrina. 

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What We Do

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